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Building bridges between lived experience, art practice, and health care expertise through interdisciplinary method development and participant oriented laboratories. Among our partners are Aarhus Municipality, Center for Kunst og Mental Sundhed, Dansk Psykoterapeutforening og En Af Os.

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Photo: Maiken Kildegaard


We explore 'the art of dialogue' through guiding different types of conversation. How does the way we speak influence society? 

Building Conversation is founded by Lotte van den Berg and Daan`t Sas (NL). In collaboration with Metropolis (KIT) and local partners, the concept will unfold across Denmark in 2022 as part of Talking Landscapes. 

Photo: Maja Ejrnæs



Since 2015, I have been engaged with interactivity and immersion design, sensory learning, formative evaluation, and method development in Sisters Hope.

Sisters Hope is an award-winning Copenhagen-based performance group that work in the intersection between performance art, education, research and activism. 

We are currently establishing a new platform for sensory learning in Hedehusene.

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Photo: I diana lindhardt


Sexual education through forum theatre and story stelling. We invite teenagers (12-19 years) to be co-players in staged real life scenarios about boundaries, consent, gender identity, porn influence etc. We avoid moralizing statements to give space for ideas, input, questions, and try-outs from the students. Real life is rarely a matter og clear-cut 'right and wrongs', but rather a complexity of grey zones and challenging communication. This is our focus! 

The project is partly supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Åben Skole, Tuborg Fondet. 

Photo: Nicolai Vesthammer

Sex Forum Teater – Photo by Nicolai Vesthammer 2022-8357.jpg


I practice, teach, perform, and research contact improvisation in different contexts. Keywords are: flow, grounding, non-verbal communication, momentum, weight sharing, fascia. 

I currently teach in Rört and Skuespillerakademiet.

Photo credit: Morten Arnfred

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